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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Student Assignment #1: 5 Discoveries

Here are some questions and ideas to think about during this unit. ASSIGNMENT #1: Write these question AND answers into your Journal for Tuesday, Sept. 8.

1. Where is the Hudson Bay located?
2. What is the time difference compared to where you are in Georgia?

3. What is the current temperature in Churchill today?... (be sure to use Fahrenheit AND celius since that is what the Canadians use!)(www.weather.com)

4. Churchill is famous for being the home of TWO famous large mammals... what are they?

5. Either draw a sketch or print a small photo in your journal of these 2 mammals.

WAY TO GO! (I'll be checking your journals you guys!)

Use some of these sites to find our more information.
Google Earth (a great way to zoom in closer!)
Google Maps


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what do beluga whales eat/ from tr\ey


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