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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Good News From The Far North!

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Dear Students,

Another day up here means another day of learning. I feel like a student all over again! I am with a great group of folks. How I ended up in the middle of such intellectual company here, I'll never know!

We spent the morning concluding our measurements of the white spruce seedlings. If climate change is indeed warming, one indicator will be if the growth of new trees is advancing north to areas where they did not normally grow before. That's why we are monitoring the growth of these test plots.

Our team has worked hard for the past 2 days now ... collecting data, entering it into spread sheets, and verifying the data of the other teams. Students may not realize the lengths that scientists go to in order to solve a problem or make a discovery. The order of the process goes something like this: form a hypothesis, make a prediction, experimental testing, gather data, analyze the data, and finally form a conclusion.


Today's assignment will be 4 new terms for your Glossary Fandango into your Journal. DIRECTIONS:

1. Look up the following terms and define each into your journal.
2. Use the term in a sentence that shows me you know what it means.
3. Either give a sketch or a small photo the illustrates the the term.

ASSIGNMENT: Here's today's terms for your DAILY DISCOVERIES #11-15:
(Yesterday we did 6-10! Right-e-oh?! Combright-e-oh!!)

#11. Permafrost.
#12. Cryosphere.
#13. Apical meristem
#14. Tundra - what different types are they?

#15. THINKING METRIC: Your 5th discovery today is to convert today's Marietta temperature into Celsius and show me how you did it. (Hint: one shortcut is to subtract 30 and then divide by 2!) Show your work inside a box that is 12 centimeters by 12 centimeters in size.

Go to weather.com and give the Fahrenheit and Celsius high temps today for Churchill, Canada.

The 2nd half of our day Tuesday was soil sampling from the tundra floor. Another way to determine if greenhouse gases are increasing is to measure the degree of composition occurring. (Carbon dioxide and methane are the 2 main harmful gasses that contribute to global warming. They are released when the organic matter in the tundra decomposes due to rises temperatures in the environment.) So we dug deep pits and took soil samples, that we will weigh, bake, and determine the amount of water content for data to support this hypothesis. This will help determine just how fast they are decomposing and thus releasing methane gas into the air.

Quote of the Day: Every 60 seconds you are angry, you lose one minute of happiness.

Today's MINI- MOVIE Clips Of The Day!
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(Post your comments at the bottom here and stay tuned for more assignments!! yippee!)

video video


At September 9, 2009 at 12:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i noticed that in your videos that everyone is dressed like it is way below zero. when i checked the weather it said it was in the 40's. is it colder there then it says?

write back.

At September 10, 2009 at 12:44 AM , Blogger Joe Green said...

Thanks Rachel! Great question... it was actually quite warm today for this region. It got up to 12 degrees Celsius today!(That's 54 degrees F.) Yes, that may be warm, but there is a lot of wind and sometimes rain. And for some reason it SEEMS colder than that. It is suppose to get in the low 30's on Saturday here. Wind, rain, and bugs tends to make us want to bundle up more! 10 free Boogie Bucks for your question!

At September 10, 2009 at 11:36 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Mr.Green.
For discovery number 6 i found a mouse, camera, laptop, phone, gps, flashdrive, and a web cam.



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